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WATCH: Pelosi Gets Schooled During University Debate

Nancy Pelosi emerged victorious in the recent debate, however, the overall impact of the event is still up for debate. During her visit to England in April, the former House speaker continued to attack President Donald Trump’s political ideology, stating at an Oxford University debate that “populism poses a danger to democracy.” While her arguments garnered more support in the debating hall, her opponent’s message is gaining traction as video footage of the debate spreads, potentially tarnishing Pelosi’s image.


In the final debate summations, Nancy Pelosi was pitted against Winston Marshall, a British native renowned among Americans as a former banjo player and guitarist for the folk group Mumford & Sons. Marshall had faced criticism from the cancel-culture left for praising a book that exposed the radicals of antifa, which might explain why he was chosen to participate in the debate. Interestingly, like Pelosi, Marshall did not graduate from Oxford.

According to the Oxford student newspaper Cherwell, Pelosi and Marshall were the concluding speakers on their respective sides. Pelosi argued that the true peril of “populism” lies in the distortion of people who exploit the populist sentiment of “I want to have my say” and then utilize it to secure their election, ultimately causing harm to those very individuals.

Pelosi’s remarks can be seen below:

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