Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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WATCH: Americans STUNNED After Seeing This Incredible Trump Rally

The presence of approximately 100,000 individuals in Wildwood, New Jersey to welcome President Trump has been acknowledged by local authorities. This significant gathering has raised serious apprehensions within the Biden campaign, considering the fact that New Jersey is predominantly known for its Democratic affiliation. It is worth noting that even USA Today expressed admiration for the size of the crowd.

“Trump fans from across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York packed the beach in the popular Jersey Shore town, crowding onto a stretch of sand bordered by amusement rides on two sides, the ocean on one and a boardwalk with shops and carnival games on the other,” they wrote.

The Trump rally proved to be the most significant political assembly ever witnessed in the history of New Jersey. “We all love America. I love Cape May. I love New Jersey,” said Van Drew. “We see what’s happening today in a faltering economy. We’re here today because we’re tired of the open borders. There is nothing wrong with saying we believe in America first.”

“I know Democrats, let’s face it – that Democratic Party does not represent the Democratic Party of our parents,” said Van Drew. “Here’s what we got to do. We’ve got to get out the vote.”

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