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OUTRAGE: School Choir Forced to Sing George Floyd Anthem

Gone are the days when the high school choir would perform a mix of modern pop songs and old-school spirituals. However, at New Fairfield High School in Connecticut, the chorus recently faced criticism for being instructed to sing a song about George Floyd.

This revelation came to light thanks to Mason Cipriani, a former student of New Fairfield and a correspondent for Campus Reform. Andrew Gadwah, the chorus director, is compelling the students to sing about Floyd’s death and the subsequent Black Lives Matter riots that occurred in 2020.

The song is titled, “Weather: Stand the Storm.” It includes lyrics like, “white silence equals violence” and “whatever contracts keep us social compel us now to disorder the disorder.”

“Black,” reads another lyric. “Just us and the blues kneeling on a neck with the full weight of a man in blue. Eight minutes and forty-six seconds.”

Mr. Cipriani expressed his disgust at the choir teacher’s decision to make children sing a song that essentially serves as a Black Lives Matter anthem.

“As a graduate of New Fairfield High School, it sickens me that the first year in the brand new building started off so poorly,” Cipriani told Campus Reform. “At the end of the day, it’s about education not indoctrination. Don’t shove things down people’s [sic] throat.”

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