Joe Biden NEVER Wanted These Photos To Get Out…

According to reports, the Joe Biden rally in Philadelphia on Wednesday was attended by only a small number of individuals, despite Pennsylvania being a crucial swing state for his victory. On Wednesday, images capturing the extensive empty spaces at the Philadelphia rally started circulating, courtesy of Steven Nelson, a reporter from the New York Post.

“Photos from President Biden’s Philadelphia rally: the school’s gym is only about half full of supporters A good amount of space is empty and spacious press workspace takes up the rest,” Nelson noted on X.

Pennsylvania is among the key swing states that Biden must secure in order to emerge victorious against former President Trump in November. According to a recent report by The Hill, Pennsylvania has transitioned from a steadfast stronghold for the current administration to a battleground state:

“A New York Times/Siena College/Philadelphia Inquirer poll out earlier this month showed Biden’s support among young voters in the state has slipped since 2020 from 62 percent to 47 percent. And his backing from Black and Hispanic voters has also waned from 71 percent to 57 percent. The Times/Siena/Inquirer survey also showed Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) — who is running for reelection against Republican Dave McCormick — outrunning Biden by as many as 10 points.”

Former Congressman Jason Altmire (D-PA) expressed his astonishment at the poll results.

“I’m surprised that things aren’t going so well,” Altmire told the Hill. “If there’s any place where he should be doing well or better than President Trump, it’s Pennsylvania because of the personal connection, because of the work he’s been putting in for decades, and because the state is trending blue.”

“I think he’s doing everything he can do. They’ve pulled out all the stops,” he added.