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BREAKING: Trump-Supporting CNN Commentator Found Dead

Alice Stewart, a CNN commentator, passed away on Saturday at the age of 58. According to CNN, Stewart’s lifeless body was discovered in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Bellevue area of northern Virginia. The authorities have stated that foul play is not suspected in her death, and it is believed that she succumbed to a medical emergency. The news of her passing was shared by Pamela Brown during a CNN broadcast on Saturday evening.


“We have some very sad news to report to you and I am very sorry that I have to tell you this. CNN political commentator and Republican political strategist Alice Stewart has passed away,” Brown said.


“Many of you knew her. She has been a staple on this network participating in many political panels bringing us deep insight into politics. You’ll remember she was a former communications director for Senator Ted Cruz. She worked with Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman to name a few,” she said.

“Alice and I both got our start in Arkansas television in local news. I was coming up as an intern. As we both made our way to CNN she was always there with an encouraging smile or a text as I climbed up the ladder here,” Brown said

“We always invited her to come on my show because we knew we would be a little bit smarter at the end of that conversation,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said after news came of Stewart’s passing, according to CNN. “She helped our viewers better appreciate what was going on and that’s why we will miss her so much.”

“Alice was a very dear friend and colleague to all of us at CNN,” CNN CEO Mark Thompson said in an email to the network’s workers. “A political veteran and an Emmy Award-winning journalist who brought an incomparable spark to CNN’s coverage, known across our bureaus not only for her political savvy, but for her unwavering kindness. Our hearts are heavy as we mourn such an extraordinary loss.”

Stewart held the position of communications director in the office of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and performed the same role during Huckabee’s presidential campaign in 2008. Additionally, she assumed the role of communications director for Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas during his 2016 campaign.


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