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Breaking: Judge Forces Conservative Legend To LIQUIDATE Everything

Judge Christopher Lopez, presiding over the federal bankruptcy case in Texas, has mandated that Alex Jones liquidate his personal assets to compensate the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. The proposed bankruptcy plan for Infowars parent company, Free Speech Systems, put forth by Jones was dismissed by Judge Lopez. Despite the families of Sandy Hook victims urging for the liquidation of the company as well, Judge Lopez deemed it appropriate to dismiss the case during the hearing.

“I think it needed to happen,” Lopez continued, the outlet reported. “I wish I would’ve picked a better day.”

Reports on the outcome of Jones’s company remain uncertain, but the legal representatives of the Sandy Hook families have confirmed that a trustee was assigned during the court proceedings. This appointment grants them complete authority over Jones’s assets, including Infowars, as reported by the Associated Press. It is conceivable that Infowars and Free Speech Systems will be allowed to carry on their operations while the state courts in Texas and Connecticut, where the families were victorious in their lawsuits, determine the best approach to recover the $1.5 billion, according to CBS News.

“This is about taking me off the air,” Jones said. “Understand that what you’ve seen in the corporate media about me, or what I said about Sandy Hook or any of this, has no bearing on reality.”

According to CBS News, Jones is anticipated to retain his primary residence in the Austin area, despite the fact that several of his possessions, including his estimated $2.8 million Texas ranch and a collection of firearms, will be sold off.

“Today is a good day. Alex Jones has lost ownership of Infowars, the corrupt business he has used for years to attack the Connecticut families and so many others,” Chris Mattei, an attorney for the Sandy Hook families said, according to CNN. “The Court authorized us to move immediately to collect against all Infowars assets, and we intend to do exactly that.”

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