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BREAKING: Donald Trump Found GUILTY

President Donald Trump has been found guilty in the trial concerning his alleged involvement in the “hush money” case. Trump has been convicted on 34 counts by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a member of the Democratic Party.

These charges are related to accusations of falsifying business records in connection with payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

The foreperson of the jury delivered the verdicts with a resolute tone of voice. According to court reporters, Trump’s demeanor remained largely unchanged, except for occasionally looking down. This historic conviction makes Trump the first former or current president to be found guilty of criminal charges in the history of the United States.

Given the highly biased nature of the proceedings, the 45th president has strong grounds for appeal. However, it is unlikely that the appeal process will be concluded before the November election, leaving the case unresolved.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors failed to present any substantial evidence supporting the allegations against Trump. Instead, they relied on testimonies from questionable witnesses who aimed to tarnish Trump’s reputation in front of the jurors. Despite these challenges, the odds were stacked against Trump from the very beginning.

The trial took place in deep-blue New York City, which posed difficulties in selecting an impartial jury. Justice Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over the case, has been revealed to have made contributions to President Joe Biden. Furthermore, Merchan has also donated to radical anti-Trump political organizations in the past.

Adding to the concern, Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, has worked closely with top Democrats during election campaigns, including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the Biden-Harris campaign. Despite the evident conflict of interest, Judge Merchan has chosen not to recuse himself from the case, raising suspicions of an underlying motive.

As Merchan prepares to deliver the sentencing in the case, it is anticipated that it will not be favorable to Trump and is likely to be exceptionally severe.

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