Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Breaking: Biden Makes BIG Mistake After Trump Verdict

President Joe Biden made an announcement on Friday regarding his plan to hold a press conference within 24 hours of a Manhattan jury finding former President Donald Trump guilty of exaggerated charges. In an unexpected move, Biden chose to discuss the war in Gaza, except for a brief mention of Trump at the beginning. This decision by Biden could be seen as a strategic maneuver to shift public focus away from his own leadership deficiencies. It appears that Biden achieved his desired outcome, as evidenced by his smile at the conclusion of the press conference when reporters mentioned Trump’s claims of being a political prisoner.

The purpose of the address was not to discuss Trump’s trial. Instead, Biden focused primarily on addressing the ongoing conflict in Gaza, calling on Hamas to agree to ceasefire terms with Israel. Even those who strongly support Biden, such as Bloomberg columnist Matthew Yglesias, were left puzzled. Yglesias wondered why the president would opt to address what is arguably his most contentious issue among Democratic voters, the very individuals whose support he must maintain in order to secure reelection.

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