Monday, June 17, 2024

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Biden’s HUGE Problem That Nobody Saw Coming…

President Joe Biden is facing a potential rematch with former President Donald Trump, and it seems that Democrats are expressing their dissatisfaction with their own incumbent. Activists have been encouraging Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in the presidential primaries, particularly to highlight the influence of the pro-Palestinian faction within the party. This strategy has yielded results in Kentucky, where nearly 18 percent of voters chose the “uncommitted” option, granting five delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Currently, there are at least 28 convention delegates pledged to the “uncommitted” movement. However, it is important to note that this does not pose a significant threat to Biden’s chances of securing the nomination, as he already has the support of 3,750 delegates.

During the primary season, over 682,000 voters opted for “uncommitted” or wrote in another candidate, which is concerning given that many polls indicate Biden is behind Trump in the contest. States with the most significant movement include Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Washington. According to Miracle Jones, an organizer with Uncommitted PA, Biden may face consequences if he ignores the calls from progressives who seek a shift in American policy towards Israel.

“When Pennsylvania shows up to the polls for the historic November election, we will inevitably see fractured Democratic election results if Biden refuses to drastically change course now,” he said.

The Hill reported that Biden’s decision to withhold weapons from Israel received positive feedback, marking it as a notable policy shift that garnered applause.

“Biden’s announcement to halt American arms for Israel’s Rafah invasion marks a step forward, propelled by our growing anti-war movement,” Layla Elabed, spokesperson for the Uncommitted National Movement, said in a statement.

“But, as the Democratic Party has fractured over Israel’s atrocities in Gaza over the past several months, Biden’s actions will always speak louder than his words.”

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