Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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ALERT: Southern Border Braces For Terrifying Impact

Currently, over 2,000 migrants are making their way through southern Mexico, receiving assistance from government officials and NGOs, all with the ultimate objective of reaching the U.S. border. Identifying themselves as the Migrant Way of the Cross, this collective is currently progressing towards Mexico City. Once there, the migrants intend to secure buses and other modes of transportation to ultimately arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border.

On Monday, the caravan embarked from Chiapas, located on Mexico’s southern border. Similar to previous caravans, the leading group within the caravan is carrying a significant white wooden cross, symbolizing the challenges encountered by migrants throughout their journey.

As the group progressed, Mexican law enforcement accompanied them on their route and managed the flow of vehicles.

In certain urban areas where the migrants plan to stay overnight, the officials from Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) have collaborated with NGOs to make necessary arrangements.

Similar to previous caravans, the objective of this group is to reach the Texas border. Upon reaching Mexico City, the groups typically disperse and utilize passenger buses and other vehicles to proceed with their journey.

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