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ALERT: Far-Left Rioters Prepare To Wreak Total HAVOC

Portland is taking proactive measures to prepare for the upcoming riots that are anticipated to once again cause significant damage to the Oregon city, which is under the control of the Democratic party, in the lead-up to the crucial November elections. In order to safeguard against violent political demonstrations prior to the 2024 presidential election, the city is constructing stainless-steel barricades. Additionally, Portland is in the process of establishing a new police unit dedicated to crowd control.

As reported by the Portland Tribune, the construction of seven large, hinged barricades near the west entrance of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse is nearing completion. These barricades can be swiftly deployed to protect the site.

Following the drug overdose death of career criminal George Floyd in May 2020, the location witnessed prolonged protests and occasionally escalated into violent riots.

The U.S. Courts’ administrative office wrote:

“These measures are a first step toward hardening facilities and can be implemented relatively quickly when compared with more significant measures to redesign and renovate entrances, perimeter spaces, and interior public spaces, which will take more funding and longer to complete.”

Portland’s protests in 2020, which lasted for months, gained national attention. The building was targeted by rioters who launched various projectiles, such as rocks, ball bearings, and industrial-grade fireworks.

According to Axios, these attacks resulted in $1.6 million worth of damages. As a result of the protests, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) disbanded its previous crowd control team. The city also faced multiple lawsuits in the aftermath.

Some community members received settlements after their homes were affected by the use of tear gas during the violent riots. According to the Portland Tribune, the new barricades have a design resembling airplane hangar doors with shielded screens on top.

The project, which includes renovations to the building’s entryways, was estimated to cost $4.5 million. Furthermore, the Portland City Council recently approved the creation of a new PPB crowd control unit.

Members of this unit, who will be responsible for responding to protests and other public order events, will receive a 6% pay raise. This new unit will result in an additional annual cost of $380,000 for taxpayers. It replaces the former Rapid Response Team, whose approximately 50 members resigned in June 2021 following an officer’s assault charge for striking a protester’s head with a baton in August 2020.

Portland’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler expressed his support for the new “Public Order Team” within the PPB. Wheeler emphasized that this unit is essential for Portland, especially as Democrats face challenges heading into the upcoming election season.

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