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ALERT: Donald Trump RAGES at NY AG Letitia James

Donald Trump, the ex-President, is once more voicing his opposition to New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“Numerous businesses have ended plans to relocate into New York because of the fabricated Witch Hunt against me. They see what is going on, and want no part of it!!! Peekaboo James, the Racist and Corrupt A.G., is considered the WORST ATTORNEY GENERAL IN THE COUNTRY! She spends all of her time and money going after TRUMP, and almost nothing on fighting Violent Crime! Judge Engoron is a Flake Radical Left Trump Hater, who despises and disrespects the Appellate Division, and refuses to do as they say. He considers them a JOKE – So bad and dangerous for New York State’s System of Justice!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Trump recently posted on Truth Social, showcasing recent remarks from Georgetown University law school professor and legal expert Jonathan Turley. In a Fox News interview, Turley drew a parallel between the treatment Trump is facing in New York and “mob justice.” Turley commented on the substantial $454 million penalty imposed on him in his civil fraud case, pointing out that Trump is unable to appeal the ruling until he settles the fine.

“This is obviously a situation where you don’t have any good options, including getting the bond itself. Remember, if you get the bond, you still lose a considerable amount of money on the cost of the bond. And this creates a sort of perverse incentive for judges like this one who comes up with this astronomical, in my view ridiculous, level of damages,” Turley told the “Fox & Friends” morning show hosts.

“Basically, his position is, ‘In order to get any other judge to look at what I’ve done to you, you’ve got to come up with basically a half a billion dollars, just to appeal,’” Turley continued. “It’s like a judge saying, ‘I’m going to take your house away, but you can appeal my decision; you just have to sell your house to do it.

“Many people look at this as a type of almost mob justice,” the law professor added. “As you know, the attorney general ran on bagging Trump. She’s now pledging to seize his property just because he can’t come up with this bond.

“At some point, the courts have got to step in and say, look, this is just simply enough. You know, you’re requiring this astronomical bond just for this guy to be able to get any other judge to look at this decision,” he said.


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